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Story by Brittani / April 16, 2021

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Chronic Care Staffing can help implement a successful RPM strategy for your healthcare organization!

Caring for your patients remotely isn’t just simply monitoring their health data it’s about engaging the patients to become proactive about their own health care. It is no easy task to implement and manage a robust Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) program. RPM programs are also proven to be more successful when combined with a robust CCM program.

CCS is a proven partner to help you maximize productivity while improving patient care. We can be the missing link that gets you started on the right foot or helps you discover a new path that will grow your existing program. 

A few key benefits of RPM when partnering with CCS:

  • Successful programs have been shown to reduce 30-day readmissions by 50%.
  • Continuity of care bridges the gap between CCM and RPM by having an assigned care team to your organization.
  • Scale-up an existing program or quickly grow one with access to our vetted RPM partners and a team of care coordinators that provide monthly monitoring services.
  • RPM delivery will include direct shipping, enrollment, and technical support with customizable patient specific alerts.
  • Seamless transition with no extra software needed saving you time and money which allows you to start achieving your financial goals as soon as possible.
  • FQHCs are not eligible for the RPM reimbursement codes but rest assured that we can help FQHCs who have received grant money implement a successful program alongside CCM.
  • Devices include: 
    • Cellular data enabled glucometer
    • Pulse oximeter
    • Blood pressure cuff
    • Scale
    • Spirometer with no internet connection required
  • Codes approved for RPM reimbursement: 
    • CPT 99453: $21 one-time setup
    • CPT 99454: $68/ month for devices
    • CPT 99457: $54/ month for 20 mins monitoring
    • CPT 99458: $43/ month for +20 mins monitoring

A well-performing Remote Patient Monitoring program can help you capitalize on additional revenue while improving clinical outcomes for your patients. Caring for your patients will not stop when they leave your practice, with CCS as your clinical solution healthcare can reach far beyond your front door.

Let CCS fit all of the puzzle pieces together to create your perfect patient-centered program!

If you would like to learn more please click here or call 888-254-4435.

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