Improving Communication With Your Patients

Story by Brittani / March 19, 2021

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Let us help improve communication with your patients and assist with navigating the COVID-19 vaccination!

Chronic Care Staffing can work in collaboration with your practice to operate a reliable chronic care management program that will benefit all of your Medicare patients especially those who lack access to the internet at home. Technology is a luxury that continues to be a challenge for many Medicare patients leading to misinformation and a lack of communication with their providers. The current healthcare system is currently set up to favor patients that are tech-savvy causing the majority of Medicare patients to be left behind. The Medicare/Medicaid population makes up about two-thirds of the population that lack internet access at home.

Each state is distributing the COVID vaccine differently which has caused confusion and delay of care among those patients who need it most. Your high-risk patients may miss the opportunity to receive their COVID vaccination. Many resources for scheduling or registering for the vaccine are online but with CCS your patients with limited internet access won’t be left in the dark. A dedicated CCS care coordination team will enable you to give your patients specialized attention as if they were in the office. Consistent communication can separate good quality care from great quality care. So let us help you to reach your patients every month with a collaborative CCM program!

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