Outsourcing CCM is Proven to BeMore Effective than In-House Management

Most of Chronic Care Staffing’s clients started chronic care management internally and did not achieve full potential for two primary reasons:


  1. Internal staff are constantly pulled to do other things in the office resulting in lower monthly billed calls. Difficulty in achieving and maintaining a capacity of Care Coordinators to provide high call penetration of enrolled patients. This often requires that each enrolled patient Successful CCM programs have a high ratio of monthly billing per enrolled patient. CCS averages 92% of enrolled patients monthly billed in your CCM program.
  2. It is expensive to recruit, train, and retain CCM Care Coordinators, which minimizes the provider’s profitability and its ROI on CCM services.

By outsourcing CCM with CCS, your practice will:

  • Generate greater revenue
  • Increase patient participation
  • Retain a greater focus on face to face care

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