Choose Chronic Care Staffing for Your Chronic Care Management Program

From a financial perspective, our approach to Chronic Care Management (CCM) is unique

Our goal is to use CCM to accomplish two things for our clients; (1) Capture immediate revenue from CCM 99490 / G0511 and (2) Capture increased future reimbursement for all services using our CCM clinical team. We focus on Value Based Reimbursement (VBR) protocols helping to establish and maximize the highest meaningful and outcome measurements. CMS states effective (VBR) can create a potential 20% increase (or possible decrease) in reimbursements across the board.

From a Patient Care Perspective, our goals are as follows:

Close gaps in care, assist Providers in improving patient outcomes, medication management, assigned coordinator to the same patient group, we are not a call center, we are not an IT 3rd party software vendor, we identify ourselves as part of the Practice and our caller id shows the name of the Practice we work for. Chronic Care Staffing is stronger than any other provider in the marketplace.

Chronic Care Staffing is 100% focused on maximizing CCM participation and revenue.

Our verbal enrollment specialists ensure that all eligible patients are contacted and asked to enroll. Unlike other providers that want you to use their software system, Chronic Care Staffing will work with any Electronic Health Record (“EHR“) software provider ensuring our patient charting is always immediately available to the Provider and staff.

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