Outsourcing CCM to Chronic Care Staffing Generates Greater Revenue for Your Practice…..

…at Higher Profit Margins Due to Lower Costs…

  • Chronic Care Staffing’s care coordinators typically make at least 1.5x more calls than clients’ in-house staff would make in a given month.
  • Although Chronic Care Staffing generates lower revenue per call for your practice, the difference is more than offset by a higher volume of calls with no costs to the practice
  • Without any associated costs, revenue generated from Chronic Care Management is pure profit for your practice.

(1) Total employee cost = 2.7x salary per Joe Hadzima’s study, “How Much Does an Employee cost?” (MIT Sloan School of Management)

…And Greater Reimbursement from Higher MIPS Valuations…

  • The Merit-based Incentive Payment System (“MIPS”) is being implemented in 2017 and moves Medicare Part B clinicians to a performance based-payment system.
  • Partial incentive payments (+/- 4%) are available for participation in 2017, and full incentive payments (+/- 5%) of Medicare billings are available for 2018 performance.
Category % of Score Requirement Chronic Care Staffing Impact
Quality 60% Select 6 of about 300 quality measures to track performance. Replaces PQRS and Quality Portion of the Value Modifier One measure must be an outcome measure or a high-priority measureOne of CMS’s high priority measures is care coordination, which is Chronic Care Staffing’s expertise.
Advancing Care Information 25% Clinicians choose from 90+ activities under nine sub-categoriesPerformance is tracked vs. prior year performance Chronic Care Staffing’s care coordinators track patient information directly into your EHR system, which improves data quality and maximizes reimbursement potential
Improvement Activities 15% DETAIL 2 Care coordination is one of the nine sub-categories of improvement activities listed by CMS.

…While Allowing You to Focus on 100% Face to Face Care.

Chronic Care Staffing manages your CCM program so that you can maintain 100% focus on face to face care.

At the same time, we are seamlessly integrated into your practice so that (i) patients do not feel like they are speaking with a third-party provider and (ii) your staff has real time access to patient data generated by CCS.

  • We remotely login into the practice EHR, maintaining privacy and security of your patient information. Unlike other providers that partner with one EHR system, we are trained to use any EHR in the marketplace.
  • We use your EHR to provide real time charting and notes immediately available to your practice and staff.
  • We have a dedicated phone line for patients to call our care coordinators.
  • Our introduction, voicemail, and caller ID all identify as part of the practice care coordinators are calling from.
  • We are a Patient Health Management company NOT a Software company.
  • No Data Mining! Patients Protected Health Information (PHI) is never exposed to an outside server minimizing risk of a data breach.

We work within your existing EMR!

Why Choose Chronic Care Staffing for CCM?

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