Annual Wellness Visit (AWV)

Average reimbursement is $350 (with additional codes). This typically includes additional codes for patient assessments. AWV is service that includes a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) and brief patient exam that helps providers keep current with their patients healthcare. A Health Risk Assessment is one of the most widely used screening tools in the field of health promotion. All Medicare and Medicare Advantage patients are eligible for this annual service.

  • AWV G0438 is $169.57 (Initial).
  • AWV G0439 is $132.54 (Subsequent).


  • Benefits to the Patient – Patients get to complete HRA from the comfort of home over the phone with a highly skilled Care Coordinator. This unique service allows patients time to answer personal and valuable medical history without feeling rushed. This, in turn, reduces overall patient time at the practice, therefore, increasing commitment and completion of the AWV.
  • Benefits to the Client – Our nursing staff will spend time calling eligible patients performing HRA and setting up a brief in clinic AWV. This allows providers and office staff to focus on the day to day clinical operations. The higher percentage of patients that complete HRA/AWV the more likely quality metrics will be met.
  • Why use CCS? Maintain 15-minute office blocks for AWV appointment, execute an efficient AWV program without disrupting the daily clinical schedule, and full completion of the Health Risk Assessment questionnaire that is up to date and readily available in the EHR at the time of the patient encounter.
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