Behavioral Health Integration (CPT 99484, G0511 for FQHCs)

Behavioral Health Integration (BHI) national reimbursement is $48.65. Monthly service guidelines are similar to CCM, including 20 minutes of non face to face activity on the patient’s behalf.


Who’s eligible?

Any Medicare and Medicare Advantage patient that has a mental, behavioral health, or psychiatric condition being treated by the billing practitioner, including substance use disorders, that, in the clinical judgment of the billing practitioner, warrants BHI services. The diagnosis or diagnoses could be either pre-existing or made by the billing practitioner and may be refined over time.

  • Benefits to the Patient – Behavioral Health patients find it easier to speak with our psych trained Care Coordinators over the phone as opposed to the clinical setting. Many patients have stated that they are more comfortable communicating this way. They are also more likely to participate in a BHI phone call versus an appointment in the office.
  • Benefits to the Client – Behavioral Health patients have the highest rate of ER visits among chronic condition diagnoses. Managing this patient group is important in reducing overall costs attributed to your healthcare organization.
  • Why use CCS? For Pain Management/Opioid Prescription and chronically diagnosed patients with behavioral health conditions, CCS serves as an independent monthly consultation of your patients focusing on provider recommendation compliance, symptom recognition and management, patient-interactive goal setting/planning, condition self-management education, and patient-centered care planning by quality driven and highly skilled care coordinators
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