Chronic Care Staffing Provides Successful Strategies for Primary Care Practices to Reach and Engage Patients During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Story by Brittani / June 17, 2020

During these unprecedented times of COVID-19, many Primary Care offices are feeling the financial burden of stay-at-home orders and shelter-in-place directives. Patients and especially those chronically ill, are fearing for their own safety. They are following their healthcare providers and government orders to stay at home. This lack of face-to-face care has led to financial stress on the practice while also jeopardizing patients’ health monitoring. CMS in response to this pandemic is allowing many of the face-to-face services to be performed via a telehealth encounter reimbursing the PCP the standard in-office visit rate.

Chronic Care Staffing’s team of highly qualified nurse coordinators, are on the frontline working hand and hand with their clients to stay in touch with their patients on a monthly basis. Our service is improving patient monitoring while also improving practice revenue.

Here are some of the COVID-19 specific programs we have initiated with our clients:

● Providing screening and triage services for COVID-19 over the phone before they can access the clinic.

● Web enabling patients for Telehealth Visits – CPT 99212 – 99215, with new payment guidelines allowing PCP’s to capture revenue while limiting patient exposure.

● Expanding Chronic Care Management enrollment as patients with chronic conditions are most vulnerable to COVID-19

● Coordinating patient care for all patients at your facility as your clinical staff focuses on treating those impacted by COVID-19

These successful strategies have allowed our clients to address both the financial and patient health delivery challenges during this health crisis.

CCS works with Private Practices, FQHCs, ACOs and Hospital owned facilities and patients.

If you are interested in learning more about Chronic Care Management and Chronic Care Staffing, please call (800) 661-4324, or email Patrick Dowd, National Sales Director at


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