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Chronic Care Staffing is a patient focused, clinically based company who successfully performs patient Care Management Services for our clients helping to improve quality based metrics and close gaps in care.  Our Care Coordination team has a proven track record of increasing practice revenue by increasing patient visits to the office and reduce overall patient attribution cost by keeping them out of the ER and hospital.  This results in increased savings for clients participating in an ACO and significant savings to Medicare and taxpayers.  Chronic Care Staffing manages your CCM program so that you can focus on face to face care.


  • We are seamlessly integrated into your practice so that patients do not feel like they are speaking with a third-party provider and your staff has real time access to patient data generated by CCS.
  • We remotely login into the practice EHR, maintaining  privacy and security of your patient information. Unlike other providers that partner with one EHR system, we are trained to use any EHR in the marketplace.
  • We use your EHR to provide real time charting and notes immediately available to your practice and staff.
  • We have a dedicated phone line for patients to call our care coordinators.
  • We assign a dedicated care coordinator to each provider/patient.
  • Our introduction, voicemail, and caller ID all identify as part of the practice care coordinators are calling from.
  • We are a clinically based Patient Health Management company NOT a Software company.
  • No Data Mining! Patients Protected Health Information (PHI) is never exposed to an outside server minimizing risk of a data breach.


Chronic Care Staffing closes the gaps in care for your patients by offering a comprehensive set of Care Management Services that includes:

  • Increased Patient Education/Awareness
  • Identifying Patients in need of their Annual Wellness Visit (AWV)
  • Assisting with Medication Refills/Reconciliation
  • Assisting with Verbal Enrollment Maximizing Care Management programs patient participation
  • Assisting with Appointment Reminders
  • Documenting and Reporting Change in Patient Health Status
  • Referral Coordination
  • Transition of Care notice to Provider
  • Chronic Care Staffing improves patient engagement and quality of care