Patient Success Stories Relayed from Our Care Coordinators

“Speaking with a patient and she stated how thankful she was for our services. States she looks forward to our calls every month. It gives her a sense of security knowing there are health care professionals available to her at anytime and that we truly care about her well being.”
“A patient with significant COPD was having some difficulty and the Care Coordinator could identify that this compromised patient did not have an AC, but only a fan, for “cooling off” and reducing breathing effort. The Care Coordinator took it upon herself to reach out to the practice, get information on where to get the patient assistance. The patient called back and was having a FREE AC unit delivered to her!”
“A cardiac patient recently discharged from hospital, it was found during the call he was not taking his cardiac meds correctly, as they were changed during his hospital stay, this was able to be clarified during the call. Care Coordinator also recommended that a remote interrogation be sent, which was, and it was determined the patient was in CHF….Quite possibly and hopefully preventing a re-hospitalization for this patient and allowing the Primary Care Provider to treat early.”
“A situation was identified by the Care Coordinator of caregiver burnout (also a CCM patient) while caring for spouse with recent dementia diagnoses and in turn reported to MD and was able to get assistance in the home for the patient and their spouse.”